Bullet-proof Glass Wall @ Eiffel TowerBulletproof Glass Wall with recessed plinths @ Eiffel TowerBulletproof Glass Wall with recessed plinths @ Eiffel Tower
protection level EN 1522 - EN 1523 : FB6 / BR6 NS and FB7 / BR7 NS

Bulletproof Glass Wall with recessed plinths

ref : GWR

The ProTech Securit bulletproof glass wall is made up of bulletproof elements designed primarily to protect people from an external firearm attack while maintaining the aesthetic aspect of the premises. The glass is bulletproof as well as the joinery which ensures the vertical junction of the glass.  Our glass wall can also be integrated into existing spaces and help to manage the flow of people.


Technical specifications :

– Isolated wall resistance: validation by the CSTB for pressure / vacuum cycles > 1,050 Pa (1,500 Pa without rupturing)

– Galvanisation and paint coating according to with NF / EN

– Max. height: 4,000 mm

– Max. width: 2,400 mm

– RAL colour of your choice

Possible options:

– Extra clear glass

– Stainless steel, corten steel, aluminium covering, etc.


Can be associated with other products to ensure a secure area (door, gate, guardhouse, etc.)

Tourist attractions
National Assembly